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Scratch Cards  Going to a casino is an experience of its own. Sitting on a table or in form of a machine with a fixed budget looking to the bull’s eye once and claim the jackpot. But what if that is not your cup of tea? Some do not like the crowd while some do not like the hustle and bustle and the noise. Some don’t believe themselves to be expert gamblers while some simply don’t trust the opposite party.

Whatever your reasons, they cannot stop you from gambling. One of the quickest and simplest games for gambling are Scratch Cards. Scratch cards are available at casinos and also at specific shops set up for the purpose. How do scratch cards work and how can you claim a jackpot from scratch cards? We’ll answer the questions. You just have to keep reading.

How to gamble on Scratch Cards

Scratch cards are very easy to understand and use. A scratch card is a piece of paper or plastic that has a unique number or logo printed on it. The number or logo is then covered by a different substance which makes it impossible to see the number or the logo. The scratch cards are then sold to the interested people. It is done through casinos and shops.

Once a player has bought a scratch card, he has paid for his participation in the game. He then scratches the card and the number or logo hidden is revealed. The result of the player’s gamble is decided through the outcome of the scratch card.

In most casinos, if the jackpot amount is revealed on three tickets all bought by one person, he is eligible for the jackpot. Other processes are also revealed and won by players using scratch cards. These are indicated on the cards themselves.

How to increase your chances of hitting the jackpot

Now that you know the basic rules, let us discuss some tips which can help you land the jackpot. While these are not guaranteed snacks, they are important and push your chances closer to the hundred marks.

  • The first one is to choose a scratch card from a trusted company. Don’t just go for the one that is the least expensive. What’s the point if chances of winning are low?

  • The second has to be playing as much at a time as you can. It’s just common sense. The more you play, the higher chance of landing the jackpot.

  • Most companies offer discounts and special schemes for repeat customers. Don’t through your old card if you didn’t win. Use it to save more money this time.

  • Be sharp while studying the card. The worst mistake you can make is misread a card and then throw it away thinking it wasn’t worth keeping. Another reason to preserve old tickets!

Retro Casino

Retro Casino

Baden Baden Casino Germany

Baden Baden Casino Germany  Introduction

In Germany, casinos are the total opposite of those found in Las Vegas: loud, proud, and totally in your face. The Baden Baden Casino is located in the spa town in Baden Wurttemberg, situated at the northwestern border of the Black Forest Mountain Range.

Baden Baden Casino is close to the French border, and one will see the interior design is very much influenced by the Palace of Versailles and in the 19th Century became the playground of nobles and the elite since gambling was banned in France.

The Casino enchants its visitors on the medieval traces of pilgrims in the famous Alsace wine-growing region. For over 200 years, it has represented luxury and an authentic casino experience. Marlene Dietrich described it as “The Most beautiful casino in the world.”

Useful Information when Visiting Baden Baden Casino

There is an entrance fee of €5 and players have to be 21 years and older to enter this Casino with proof of ID. The dress code is also rigorous, for classic games, men must dress smart, which means they have to wear a jacket and tie. Those players who visit this Casino on a whim and do not have the correct attire, Baden Baden Casino will provide them with a jacket and tie for a rental fee.

In Las Vegas, the drinks are for free; however, in Germany, players pay for their drinks and tipping the waiters and waitresses is not expected.

Baden Baden Casino’s Opening Hours

Baden Baden Casino only opens its doors to players at 14h00. The reason for that is the Casino is open for public tours. They have specified time slots for their slots and casino games, and they are as follows:


  • Sunday- Thursday- 14h00- 02h00

  • Friday- Saturday: 14h00-03h30


  • Sunday to Thursday: 17h00-01h30

  • Friday- Saturday: 17h00- 02h30


  • Sunday to Thursday: 12h00-02hoo

  • Friday – Saturday: 12h00-03h00

There are also specified days and times for Poker and Ultimate Poker

Wrapping it Up

Baden Baden is a gentleman gamblers paradise. It offers that feel of old school gambling with Roulette, Blackjack, Poker and hundreds of slot machines in the Belle Époque ambience. In a nutshell, it’s a destination where the night shimmers, and beautiful people gather to enjoy the thrills of being a winner.

Casino Art

Casino Art