Keno  Keno is a gambling game that is often seen in modern casinos and also used by some of the state lottery associations. The premise of the game is very simple and there is little to no need for a skill to win the game. Also, the simple premise of the game makes it easier for everyone to play the game. The game depends on the premise of guessing the outcomes of the numbers that are generated randomly. The numbers chosen by the players have to appear in the randomly generated numbers for the win.


The game originated in China where the citizens used to play the game to cope with the stress of war. It is also said that the game was used by Chinese officials and the government to collect funds for the building of the Great Wall of China. Although, the Chinese constantly refuse any such system. It is also because the lottery records were only kept after 1847 after the Portuguese government started giving out licenses for gambling.

The game was brought to the western world by Chinese immigrants in the first half of the 19th century. The game was immensely popular in southern America by the 1860s and the name Keno was taken from the French language.

How to play Keno

Keno is a fairly simple game which is why it is so famous among the masses. The players are supposed to pick out numbers which are usually ranging from one to eighty. At the end of the round, a selection of numbers is chosen through a ball machine or slot machines which are used in casinos. The wager is dependent on the numbers that are chosen by the machine. While it seems that the chances are fairly average of winning in a game of Keno, you can increase your chances by employing some tips that we have for you.

How to get better at Keno

Keno is a game of probabilities. In simple words, the probability of some specific kinds of numbers being chosen by the machine is more than the others. Let us take a look at how you can increase your chances of winning at Keno.

  • While it may seem like a fairly obvious thing, but it is important to mention that you should choose a casino with better payouts than its competition. Take a round of the town and pick out the best.

  • Secondly, you should play the game for free a couple of times first. It helps you get a hang of the game.

  • Thirdly, choose about four or five numbers rather than a large sum, since it affects the payout.

  • Also, try placing the guess on consecutive numbers rather than random digits.

Keep guessing on Keno and have fun.

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