Pachinko  Mechanical machines are an integral part of casino gambling. More than 50% of casinos’ revenues come from slot machines and this number is only increasing. The reason behind the success is the simplicity and the excitement that slot machines have. Pachinko is a form of slot machine that is very famous in Japan. Pachinko is a mechanical machine used for gambling. Japan’s Pachinko revenue is even more than casino revenues of Las Vegas and Singapore combined.

Pachinko works on the principle of a slot machine but the game is similar to pinball. Although gambling is illegal in Japan, casino parlors have found a loophole in the system. This is why the game is so popular in Japan. Let us discuss some basic gameplay and some tips which will help make sure you hit the jackpot.

How to play Pachinko

Pachinko is very similar to a traditional slot machine used for gambling. The game begins with you having to pay for taking participation. Instead of putting the money directly in the machine, you pay money at the counter in exchange for tokens or balls. You put these balls in the machine and the game begins.

The game is very similar to pinball. It looks like a pinball set up placed vertical. First of all, you put a steel ball, which you have paid for, on the machine. Then you push a lever and the ball is launched with force in the machine. After covering a track on the sides of the machine, the ball starts rolling on empty cylinders placed vertically at the bottom. These cylinders are barely wide enough for the ball to fit. Also, there work against the motion of the ball. The objective is for the ball to fall in one for the cylinders. If the ball does not fall in any of these and reached the end, the bet is lost.

The number of balls you manage to get through the cylinders decides your winnings. Although you cannot exchange them for cash in the casino. The casino pays you in tokens and you sell those tokens to a third party off the premise of the casino.

How to win more at Pachinko

Pachinko is a game of luck rather than skill. You can’t control the ball that is spinning in the machine. But, here are some things that increase your chances of hitting the jackpot.

  • Look and play on new machines rather than the old ones. The new ones are more likely to hit a jackpot.

  • Play for long intervals of time. Playing once or twice has a very negligible chance of winning the jackpot.

  • Try visiting the same parlor and studying the machines. A machine that hasn’t had a jackpot in a long time is more likely to hit one.

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