Texas Hold’em

Texas Hold'em  Texas Hold’em is a card game from the Poker family. It is also the most famous and intriguing of the family. The game originated in the United States during the first decade of the 20th century. It is very popular among casinos to host tables for players which usually range between 2 to 10 people. The game reached households during the 2000s because of the poker boom. It was popularised by James Bond when he plays against the evil banker in Casino Royale. And who could forget the Martini, shaken not stirred?

The game involves both luck and skill. But you need skill and psychological control to maximize your winnings. Let us elaborate on that and also discuss how to beat the other players and take the pot home.

How to play Texas Hold’em

Texas Hold’em starts with two hole cards given to each player face down. After this, five more cards are given to the players in three subsequent rounds. The game progresses and the players start betting based on their cards. The skill is to judge what cards the other players have and how you can manipulate them.


The prize comes from the players themselves rather than the casino in Texas Hold’em. The player’s chip in their contribution to the pot, which makes up the prize money. It is every player’s target to contribute less and get other players to contribute more. This way, when they win the game in the end, they maximize their winnings. Increasing the pot is as important as winning the hand.


To get other players to contribute, players bluff during the game. They show their cards to be something they are not using their body language. Calling out the bluff and making decisions accordingly, which includes bluffing yourself, is important in the game.

How to win more at Texas Hold’em

To win more at Texas Hold’em, here are a few things you should keep in mind. Employ these techniques and your chances of winning will certainly boost towards the positive end.

  • Choose carefully what hands you should play. The case with most players is that they play poker for the thrill and can’t keep themselves from being a part of the game. In the excitement, they don’t focus on whether their hand is worth playing or not.

  • Observe your opponents. Even if you are not dealt a good hand, your opponents do not know that. But whether they have a good hand or not, you might be able to tell from their body language.

  • Keep yourself paced for the first few games and see how the other players play and react. This will go a long way later when you are playing your hand, too.

Casino de Monte-Carlo/Monte Carlo, Monaco

Casino de Monte-Carlo/Monte Carlo, Monaco  Casino de Monte Carlo is luxury gaming at its best, and it’s a legend in its own right. Visitors to this land-based Casino have the opportunity of creating their own unique story.

Casino de Monte Carlo is owned and operated by the Societe des Bains de Mer de Monaco. This is a public company in which the Monaco Government and the ruling Royal Family have a majority interest. However, the citizens of Monaco are forbidden to enter the gaming rooms of this Napoleon-styled Casino. Adding to its notoriety is that this Casino has also been the location for several James Bond movies including Casino Royale, Never Say Never and the 2004 film Oceans Twelve.

What Casino games are available at Casino de Monte Carlo?

There is an exceptional selection of French Roulette, Baccarat, Trente et Quarante, Texas Hold ’em Poker, Ultimate Poker and Blackjack. While new and existing players try their luck at the tables, slot hunters can try their luck in the Salle Renaissance with over 1000 slot machines to choose.

Know before you visit Casino de Monte Carlo

  • Guided Tours to the Casino are available from 9 am-12h30pm daily.
  • The gaming tables and slot machine floor opens at 2 pm daily.
  • There is an entrance fee of €10 per person, but Cercle Monte Carlo cardholders get free entry.
  • The dress code is smart, but no military uniforms are allowed, and a jacket is required after 8 pm.


Casino de Monte Carlo is synonymous as a playground for the rich and famous with its glitz and glamour. Furthermore, it is also a tax haven for those high rollers. It’s as recognisable as the Leaning Tower of Pisa and remains an unmissable attraction in Monte Carlo and as far removed from the kitschy neon of Vegas.


Blackjack  Blackjack is one of the most famous games played at casinos. It is a card game that is based on luck but skill can be used to override bad luck. This is the reason that many players are attracted to it. It is a big adrenaline rush when you are dealt a bad hand but you still manage to beat the dealer.

The first-ever recorded match of Blackjack leads us as far as 1746 in France. The game was called Vingt Un back then and has undergone several changes to suit the era it is played in. People have always been interested in how to beat the dealer irrespective of the hand you are dealt with. A paper was published on the topic in 1956 which inspired further attempts such as Beat The Dealer by Ed Thorp.

Let us take a look at the basic rules of play and how you can win while gambling on BlackJack.

How to play Blackjack

Blackjack is a game played against the dealer rather than the other players present on the table. In casinos, the game is played on a semi-circular table with the dealer sitting in the center. The dealer hands two cards to each player at the beginning of the game and the game starts.


The objective from a player’s perspective is to gain as many points as possible but not exceeding 21. If points exceed 21, the player is busted and loses. The same is the case with the dealer. The one with more points wins the game.

Decisions permitted while playing

When the player is dealt a hand from the dealer, which is two cards, he can make the following decisions.

  • Hit, that is, take one more card from the dealer.

  • Star, that is, take no more cards from the dealer.

  • Double down, which is to double the bet that the player has placed beforehand.

  • If he has two cards of the same value, he can split them into two hands and place the second bet, which has to be equal to the first one.

Now that we know how to play Blackjack, let us go over some tips which will help beat the dealer in blackjack.

  • The first tip is simply using your common sense. It makes no sense to hit when your original two cards total to 20. Keep your head in the game.

  • Make a winning and losing limit and abide by it. If you hit the lower limit, quite the session and if you reach the upper limit, set new limits.

  • Make use of the dealer’s revealed card. It tells you a lot about your chances and if you should take a risk or play safe.

  • Make sure you read the rule book of the casino since there are multiple variations of the game even if the core gameplay is the same.

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