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The Hippodrome Casino London

The Hippodrome Casino London  Introduction

Hippodrome is an archaic word that refers to places that host Horse races and other equestrian events. The London Hippodrome is a cornerstone of West End life. It’s the most prominent and busiest casino in the UK. It was opened in 1900 and initially built for circus and variety performances, and it hosted the first official jazz gig in the United Kingdom by the Original Dixieland Jazz Band in 1919.

Since then, it has been demolished and refurbished and changed owners. However, one of the most notable transformations was it being converted into a nightclub called The Talk of the Town.

It featured many famous artists of the time like Diana Ross and the Supremes, Shirley Bassey, Frank Sinatra, Petula Clark, Cliff Richard and dozens more. Harry Houdini performed some of his final and most spectacular shows at The Hippodrome. It is a UK landmark and a top land-based and online casino.

The Hippodrome Casino

In 2009 The Hippodrome was bought by Leicester born father and son businessmen, Jimmy and Simon Thomas. To fund the £40 million renovations and restorations they sold a number of their Bingo Halls.

The Hippodrome Casino opened its doors in 2012 and included five gaming floors and three different casinos. It also included the Gold Room Casino in the basement with direct access to Chinatown. The Hippodrome has the broadest range of world-class casino tables, electronic games, slots and Poker Facilities.

There is the Grand Casino, the Poker Deck and the Macau Lounge on the first floor and Lola’s Casino on the ground floor with the only back to back craps tables combined with music and entertainment. On the third floor is the Cranbourne Club, ideal for those looking for a quieter gaming environment. In 2013 it was awarded Best Land-Based casino at the Totally Games Awards and won Best European Operator 2013 plus Casino of the Year 2013.

Pai Gow

Pai Gow  Pai Gow is a casino game that is very famous in the United States, Canada, and some South Asian countries. It originally came from China where it was played with a 32-set domino. In 1985, the game was transformed into a poker variant in the United States.

We will focus on the domino set version of the game which is widely played in North America. The game requires a set of 32 dominoes with particular numbers marked on them. The dominies are used similarly as cards and the end value of the hand decides a player’s fate. The game can be played with even one player but usually with seven players on the table. Instead of competing against each other, the game has the players competing against the dealer. Let us look into the details of the gameplay of Pai Gow. Also, we will discuss some tips to help you win every game. Keep going for more!

How to play Pai Gow

The basic structure of the gameplay is very easy to understand. But there are some other rules which come into play after the game does not reach a straight conclusion.

The dominoes are arranged in 8 tiles of four dominoes each. This arrangement is ideal for seven players and a dealer. Before the players are handed their stack, they are required to place their bets. After the bets are placed, each player gets four tiles with numeric values on them. The players are required to arrange the tiles in two pairs, one called the front hand and the other is the rear hand. It is by comparing these hands with the dealer that the result is calculated.

The two dominoes in pairs are to add according to their numeric values. If the number exceeds nine, the unit value of the result is taken into account and the tens value is rejected.

If the players’ front hand beats the dealer’s front and so does his rear hand, the game is won by the player. If one of the hands is smaller than the dealer’s, the player is in a push, where he is returned his money. If the dealer’s hands are stronger, the player loses his money.

Tips to win at Pai Gow

While there is a certain place of luck in the game, there is a need for a skillset too. Here are some tips to take you closer to the jackpot.

  • Keep a sharp eye on the cards which make a total of 8 or 9. These are usually the highest you can go in a hand.

  • Keep a close eye on pairs, too. They can help your hand.

  • Make basic maths your strong point. Calculate all the values and choose the best ones. Try keeping the highest-ranking domino in the lower hand.


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