Slot Machines

Slot Machines  Slot machines are one of the most attractive games in a casino. Most players when first starting to test their luck in a casino, tend to walk towards a slot machine. There are multiple reasons but the assurance of safety from trickery and quick results are one of the prominent ones. Slot machines are very colorful and attractive and have a higher chance of getting your money back than most other games that require a table. Let us discuss more about these machines and how you can get better at winning on a slot machine.

History of Slot Machines

When slot machines were first invented, they were used as a method of selling goods rather than gambling. Then came a time when you could watch a couple of horses race by putting a coin in the machine. From here, the machine evolved to be a gambling asset which is now adored by the casinos. Why? Because almost 30 to 50 percent of the casinos’ income comes from slot machines. Cut to the first decade of the 20th century, about 83000 machines were working in the United States.

How does a slot machine work

Understanding the rules of playing on a slot machine is a fairly simple task. To participate in the game, you have to put a coin in the machine. There is a range of amount you can put in, which will also affect your chances of winning. After you have put in the participation money, you pull a lever on the machine which activates it. There are usually three strips on the machine which start rolling after you have pulled the lever. The strips have different icons on them which will allow in a certain combination when the machine stops. Based on these icons, you will be eligible for the prize money.

How to increase your chances of winning on a slot machine

Playing on a slot machine is a game of luck. There is not much skill involved. But, you can do these things to maximize your chances of winning. Let’s get to it.

  • Play on the machines that are placed on the corners. The theory states that the machines on the ends are where the people look while passing by. Therefore, the payouts on these are more.

  • Make sure you put in enough to qualify for the jackpot. This way, you will go big if you have lady luck with yourself and you win.

  • Also, make sure that you always have an eye on your budget. It is not wise to bet more than you can manage. What use is it if you can’t come back the next weekend?

It is not wise to use cheating tricks such as tying the coin with a string or using magnets etc. Keep the game fair and the game will be fair to you. Best of luck!

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