Video Poker

Video Poker  Video poker is a casino game that is similar to five-card poker. Some players do not want to play on the slot machine since it has a very little strategy to it. But, they don’t want themselves on a table either, since they are not ready to compete against experts. This game combines the anonymity of a slot machine and the skill of a table game. It is designed to look like a slot machine and works in pretty much the same way. It is an awesome experience for someone who does not feel ready to be sitting at a table with experienced players.

Let us see how video poker works and its basic rules. And while we are on the subject, we will slip you some tips on how to better your odds of scoring a jackpot on one of these machines. Keep going!

How to play Video Poker

Let us learn a little about video poker first, as it will help you understand the concept completely. The Video Poker game came out in the 70s and gained popularity in the 80s. The game was invented when we had enough technology to put a monitor with a central processing unit. The 80s removed any hesitation that people had with slot machines and made the game popular.

To start the game, you simply put money or credit marks into the game. Instead of giving out a snack, the game gives you five cards. The rules are similar to 5-card draw poker. You raise a bet and if you want, you can change the cards that you are given. You can even change all the cards that you have, which is not the case in a physical game of 5-card draw.

Once you have your cards, you wait for the announcement of the winning combination. You win the jackpot if you have the hand matching the combination. You are also rewarded for the rarity of your hand. You also get money based on your; if it is flush, full house, or five consecutive numbers.

How to Win at Video Poker

Now that you know the rules and are ready to go find a Video Poker machine, make sure you have these tips in your arsenal. These will help increase your chances of winning a jackpot.

  • To win a jackpot, you have to play for a jackpot. This means that you should go for the five-coin bet. While some of you might be uncomfortable with it, this is the only way to win a jackpot.

  • Before you go for a shot at the game, study the payable at the casino. You should be sitting on the one which has the history of putting out the best numbers. Use pay charts made available by the casino to make a pick.

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